Skin Whitening Cream that I’ve been using

I’ve been using Nivea Visage Day Cream for more than six years already. The first nivea visage day cream that I’ve used in my early twenties is the one with a tube container but over the years they have changed their formulations and container. I’ve used the one in cream form in the past which is specifically for twenty something but now I’ve already applied the nivea visage whitening cream for thirty plus because of my age. The cream for thirty plus ladies is specifically formulated for age defying effects and it has more SPF/UVA sunscreen to delay ageing.

What makes me loyal to this kind of whitening cream is that it really hydrates my skin and it doesn’t clog pores or cause reddening or pimples like the other products that I’ve tried in the past. In terms of the whitening effects It does not deliver the performance that I’ve expected but in terms of giving moisture and hydration my rating is perfect ten. My total rating for this product is 8/10. How about you have you tried Nivea Visage? What cream or lotion have you been using on your skin and what are the effects?


Broken Vessel said...

embrace your beauty, don't try and brighten your skin, GOD made you with the shade that you were born in in HIS image you were formed.

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