The basic ingredients for anti-ageing products

Retonic Acid is a derivative of Vitamin A which was originally prescribed in high doses for the treatment of acne. It does refine the skin, increase collagen production and reduce wrinkles, but it can have unpleasant side effects such as extreme sensitivity to sunlight, with increased reddening of the skin and peeling. It is available on prescription from a dermatologist for severe sun damage; well formulated cosmetics may contain moderate and harmless amounts of retonic acid derivative, which at these levels have some hydrating effects.

One of the most important ingredients for looking youthful is vitamin B3 also known as niacinamide. It is a water-soluble vitamin found in the body. When applied topically to the skin, this vitamin helps exfoliate surface skin cells to reveal newer, younger looking skin and enhance barrier repair. Hyaluric acid is a natural moisturizer that forms part of the tissue that surrounds the collagen and elastin fibres, as we age; we produce less hyaluric acid in our skin, which becomes less resilient and pliable. Hyaluric acid is often added to moisturizers, and can be injected by doctors into the skin.

Collagen forms fibres in the dermis that give the skin structural support, provide strength, and allow the skin to stretch and contract. Elastin is the protein that binds the collagen bundles together. When applied to the skin, the creams do not have much affect on the changes in appearance due to natural ageing. They do have humectants properties, however, plumping out the skin with retained moisture. Take note that recognizing and responding to your skin wants and needs is the answer to beautiful skin.

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