How to fight blemishes and clear pimples

Wash your face with gentle cleanser to clear your skin of grime and excess oil. You have to use tepid water because hot water kick starts oil production. You have to teat your skin with an oil-free moisturizer and then target zits with an anti-blemish product to dry them out. You can conceal blemishes with a concealer using a brush for precise application. Blend around the blemish with your finger, and then brush loose powder on top to set your concealer in place.

Never pick on your zits because it will just be irritated and it will leave a scar. Use a zit or pimple clearing cream with benzoyl peroxide. Apply zit cream with a cotton tip and tap directly onto the zit. Rubbing cream around the zit will only dry the surrounding skin. Skip skin drying astringent and opt for an alcohol-free toner instead. Keep skin hydrated with an oil free moisturizer to keep oil levels at bay. Conceal zits with a concealer that’s one or two shades darker than your skin. Concealer that is lighter than your own skin tone will only highlight the zit, making it look bigger.


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