Tips in applying concealer

Concealer is a heavier version of the foundation. If you are using concealer with a foundation, go one shade lighter than the foundation. If. You are just using concealer without the foundation; make sure the concealer matches your skin tone. This can be quite tricky since the shades are far fewer than the foundation. If you choose the wrong color (if the color is too light) you’ll end up attracting more attention to the area you want to be covered. Or if you choose a darker color, you’ll end up looking more tired. But if you get a great match, then you’ll look perfect and flawless. The concealer instantly camouflages blemishes and sunspots and eliminates redness and, of course, under-eye circles. This will make you look well rested and wide-awake, even when you feel and look the opposite.

That’s not the only magic a concealer can do. When worn on bare skin or carefully applied on top of foundation, a concealer makes your skin look refreshed and polished that you may not need a lot of other makeup.

It is really very challenging to find the right shade and texture. Once you get it, though, it will become easier. Always remember that a little goes a long way. A smudge of concealer is already a lot. If you put a lot, it would only emphasize the problem that you are trying to hide. Even when you are blemish-free, there are places where concealer works as a miracle. Under the eyes to cover dark circles, around the nostrils, on the outer corner of the eyes where it’s often reddish. Sometimes foundation alone can take the place of the concealer

Types of concealer

A concealer comes in three types:

Cream – Gives heavy full coverage with a dewy finish.
Liquid – provides the sheerest coverage with the lightest finish.
Stick – offers medium coverage in a creamy finish. This is perfect for spider veins, acne scars. The problem with stick concealer sometimes is the cakiness. Mature skin will have a hard time with stick concealer because it could emphasize the lines around the eye area. Do not forget to prep the eye area with an eye cream to hydrate it before applying concealer.
Remember that yellow-based tones look good on all kinds of complexion and orange-based tones blend well with dark skin. Never use a concealer with a hint of white in them. They will turn into a dirty shade of gray as the day progresses. Also do not forget to apply loose powder after putting your concealer. This will set the concealer and minimize the creases that normally appear under the eye area.


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