Why are make-up and cosmetics important to women?

Make up or cosmetics play a big part in accentuating our assets and hiding our flaws. We all know people love aesthetics so we strive to be beautiful and create beautiful things as well. It is also the main cause for the multi-million dollar income of beauty companies whether it is cosmetics, aesthetics plastic surgery clinics, Salon and Spa treatments, even fitness gym and the fashion industry. People invest their hard earned money to look a certain way- to be beautiful – in the eyes of the society. So many experiments has been made regarding the treatment of the beautiful and the ugly or even the plain in the eyes of out society. Even if what other people say about numerous things about this but the truth is still – people responded well to the beautiful than to its’ opposite. More people give better opportunity to the appealing beauty than to the latter especially in the celebrity and elite community as well as in the fashion and beauty industry. So this is the main reason why cosmetics and beauty products are made to celebrate beauty to bring out our best assets - a beautiful face. In applying make up there is always the golden rule – less is better and learn to be creative in choosing colors to always update your style. You can also try to use colors to match your wardrobe, bags or shoes – a kind of mix and match. Updated make up style of application and colors makes you appear fresh and trendy.


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