Make-up for dry skin

In choosing the best make-up coverage use water based liquid foundation because it will not clog your pores and it hydrates as well. Make sure to use a moisturizer before applying liquid foundation. Liquid make up gives flawless finish by hiding blemishes. Dot a little concealer under your eyes or on any dark spot then cover up with the foundation. Apply light dusting of loose powder to set the foundation. For your lips apply lip gloss, it makes your lips appear wet and inviting. The glossy effect makes your lips slick, delicious and vibrant. Your lip color must complement your mood, skin tone or wardrobe.

In choosing a blush for your cheeks, blush in cream or liquid form because it gives you added moisture and natural glow. Your blush color depends on your complexion. Fair & light complexion looks good in shades of pink, pastels and rose. Medium to light tan like those of Asian and Latin heritage looks good in shades of peach, bronze and red while those of the darker tones looks good in darker shades of red like maroon. You must smile and put a blush to where you naturally blush or on the fleshy part of your cheeks.


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